Do you have an athletic physique? A sturdier figure? Are you an admirer of details? Are you looking for a perfect look? Nobody is one size fits all, so why should your suit be?

Concrete Su Misura is a tailoring experience
built around your body, style & your wishes.

Su Misura Tailoring Service
is ALL about YOU…

Concrete Su Misura tailoring service starts with your choice of fabrics, suit design, style & all details customized to your desire. This service creates a personalized unique suit for every mood & occasion.

This service is not designed only for you to tailor an everyday suit; you can also tailor a ceremonial suit for your special occasions.  We have an exclusive collection of suits limited signature pieces of papions and cummerbunds for the unlimited expression of luxury to reflect the elegance required for such events.

It’s all about a refined experience of tailoring a suit with all its details to match exactly what you are thinking of and need to have, reflecting your image and personal touch. It is the suit of your style.

Su Misura Service is a customized tailoring experience with the piece of your choice being made skillfully with your very own measurements for the perfect fit.

Your suit would be ready within 21 working days and delivered to you at your own convenience.

The very highest standards of quality and customization are guaranteed through the selection of exclusive fabrics and priceless materials, combined to invaluable heritage of craftsmanship & know how.

Concrete Su Misura service takes in consideration all the details and sophistication that you may entail having in your total look and overall suit; stitching your name, specific lining, impeccable fit and finish of a custom made suit just for you.

Tailoring Service

All you need to start your Su Misura exquisite experience is to book a fitting appointment
at the nearest store, your home, or office.

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