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The store is an integral part of the customer experience. We want to make sure that the essence of the Concrete brand is reflected in the shopping experience.

Our new concept stores is built to reflect an immersive experience that fully roots to our brand codes of Italian inspiration of collection design, fashion direction and high sense of modernity of today.

Concrete Store is a reflection to the wardrobe of the Egyptian man with a twist of elegance, coziness and comfiness. Check our virtual store to get a sense of what it is like to be creating your look with Concrete new shopping experience.

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Little Concrete Store on the other hand reflects the joyful spirit of our young ones and bright future ahead of them. Our stores cater for the guardians to have a shopping experience that is easy while their little ones enjoying their time amongst the cheerful playground like setup. Check our virtual tour of the store to get the feeling of what experience you are to be having in Little Concrete.