Look up for Concrete Booths!

Concrete is following its fans everywhere. Concretes’ booths have superb surprises.

We welcomed our fans last Ramadan with our Sponsorship booth in Gezira Sporting Club. While many of our fans came to cheer their favorite teams. We held on” Like and Win” competition as our fans were liking our fan page on facebook, a withdrawal round took place, all people enjoyed their skills competition and some won gift cards to use in shopping at any of Concrete different stores.

Don’t miss our permanent sponsorship booth in Rafaheya to enjoy our competitions, draws & share the fun!

We were there in British Colombia Canadian International School; where a kids Defile’ took place & hundreds of kids gained confidence and enjoyed their times performing in a great defile‘.

Be part of Concrete different activities and enjoy its promotions through its booths and other ways.

The booth is always moving. Follow up with Concrete footsteps. Watch out its next place and when you know its place share it with your friends.

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