CONCRETE and 25 Years of Success & Excellence

This season we are celebrating our 25th anniversary being one of the leading brands in the Egyptian market. We started as a small company with a big dream and today we have become the reality of our ambition because of our perseverance and your support and belief in what we have to offer you.

Throughout the years CONCRETE’s persona has been sculptured throughout its origins of being Egyptian. Being an Egyptian company gave the brand its touch of tolerance and belonging and at the same time its ability to meet today’s world needs and aspirations.

Day after day CONCRETE measured its productivity and collection to brands both locally and internationally to excel and be able to have the next trend now.

CONCRETE Stores is a representation of how Egyptians have the ability to hold on to their dreams and sustain their success for years and years to come.

Our philosophy directed us to never being satisfied by where we stand now and always pursuing ways and direction to nurture the persona of CONCRETE to becoming a stronger brand with the ability to grow further & always making our customers’ look stand out among the crowd.

Having this belief embedded in the persona of CONCRETE we fostered our inspirations and all our efforts to ITALY, the birth country for the Male Fashion in the world.

Confidence and loyalty of Concrete’s customers made its expansion plans today reach 40 stores to cover Egypt, with the latest addition of its online shop; serving with the best-in-class quality garments matching that of world's standards and made us stand here before you.

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