Ramy Ashour

Ramy Ashour


For the Love of Details

If life sort of had this rhythm, how do you find yourself conducting it?

Conducting is a good word …I mean it’s a process, it’s like anything else in life. Trying to balance your career with your hobbies, with your friends, with your personality. We’re all trying to always improve ourselves to be the best person we can be, and to be the most balanced, to get to the best potential of our personalities in general…. that’s always everyone’s aim….just to get to the best of himself, just so he can act and go about his life more comfortably.

And this is one of my motives, if I run out of motivations, I always try to work on myself as a human being… Everyone loves success, everyone loves winning, everyone loves just being at the top, but very few people are really willing to do the effort to do it, and take the effort as a lifestyle and not take the effort as in a fluke, or take the effort as in a one-time thing. Life is beautiful, life is good, life is nice and everything….but it’s not as good as the word describes it …you’ve got to do the work, for life to be good. Life is not good on its own.

What do you find incredible about new spaces?

I travel around, so much… all year round, because of the tournaments I play & join. So when I go to any particular tournament, place or country such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, England, anywhere, the first thing that captures my eye is the architecture, then the people followed by the nightlife. This is basically how I am. I love architecture because it says so much about the city…it just gives you a sense of …where you are … it’s simply not about the name of the city or where it’s located.

So for me, architecture is the way everything is set, the buildings, the streets, and the layout of the city, all together makes me expect how the people will be.  Whenever I look at architecture the first impression for me, is the most important one…If I felt good about it….I’ll fall in the love with the building, with the area; I’ll fall in love with the city. 

Can you draw some comparisons between life in both worlds (Music and squash)?

There’s a sweet point, to how your feet move, to how you work. And to like how there’s a melody.

90% of the time, my music is in my ears as I am playing…especially when I am alone on court.

And the similarities I see between both worlds - music and squash- is that I feel like I own the court, I own the space. I’m good at this. And I’m good at that. And I’m doing both at the same time. There’s so much harmony in there and it just takes me away from anything. It’s one of the greatest pleasures in life for me, to do both at the same time as I feel that they are so similar. In harmony, as I’m conducting both in a very artistic way. I might not be that good at both in other people’s eyes. But in my eye, I feel that everything is flowing, everything is easy. I recall so many things when I am on court. I feel that I’m more relaxed, so I perform better. Singing, listening and playing. I perform so much better when I have my music in my ears and I’m playing squash. Everything just flows in a way that I really can’t describe.

What does harmony mean to you?

Harmony is the art of flowing and it’s the art of everything coming together at the same time, in a very smooth way.

So we know you have a slightly distinctive style on court…what does it mean to you to do your profession with this distinctive approach.

Being distinctive means being unique, being yourself to the maximum and enjoying that feeling. Especially if you can do it well and it works for you. When I started doing it, I just thought about the way to suit me as a player, because I believe everyone in life, in his career, has his powers, and has his ways, to be the best person he can be. The same idea in life, to take it on court.

I want to be the best player I can be. Just reach the maximum…you know when you think about something and you say…’I would love to do this, I would love to have dreams.’ So I’m just trying to come as close to that.. On court, I’ve always seen people doing things…when I was younger and I said, I would love to hit the ball that way. I would love to do that. I would love to be in control of this…I would love to be in control of that. I would love to have the style. So I kept working on a way which suits me best…technique which suits me best.

To do all this and more. But I never thought that I want to be a distinctive player. It just happened.

Do you take pride in the fact that you are a distinctive player?

Definitely, I take so much pride of whatever I have developed, more than anything else. But it puts a lot of pressure on you as well. Because people keep on saying, you have this different style… you have changed this game in this way or in that way. So whenever I am on court, I just feel I have this responsibility towards people and towards myself, to always be up to whatever is being said about me. So it puts pressure on me, but at the same time I feel proud that I managed to get up to that level of expectations.  

What give you the most joy in what you do?

The glory. The moment of glory; I do everything because this moment of glory is so addictive and you just do so much and sacrifice anything to get to this moment of glory and these victorious seconds. But everything before that …is not fun, it’s as simple as that.

Do you play music?

I don’t play, I sing and listen to a lot of music. But I don’t play.