Asser Yassin

Asser Yassin


Life in the Fast Lane

When you have those breaks and you're like. Oh my God, what's next. How do you overcome that kind of fear knowing that you don't know what's next?

I think it's more reassuring now to feel not knowing what's next. I found out that planning and working on everything to be on time, deadlines and stuff like that, doesn't really work, because there's always something next going to happen. I just know about now. I don't know about tomorrow. Something else might happen... I might break my leg or my ankle, which happened before. So, I've been in a series of tests and experiences… So I’m just in the present, I'm just going to work on what I'm supposed to do, and work on myself. I enhance my skills, I learn a new skill every now and then... sometimes just spin with a stack of fire or poi or swim or learn Aikido. There's always something there that I should be doing, that doesn't necessarily be something I'm waiting for.

So I just engage in the moment and this moment takes me through a series of quick days or whatever.

And what is that force?

The global force that's once you're engaged, it just carries you away with it. To me, in the right sense or direction that puts everything in perspective. 

Can you explain to me why dreams and ambitions are important?

Dreams and ambitions might be misleading if you don't know why you're doing them or how you're doing them. So, if you're not sober to where life is taking you, and not being attentive to what's happening around you, you will never be achieving or maybe you're not really happy about achieving what you've been passionate about. So it's only about being present and revising yourself every now and then so that you know you're on the right track.

If we're talking about dreams and ambitions... if you do not know where the drive is coming from... they're meaningless.

How do you think you can instill a sense of adventure in yourself, every day? In every way, even if you're not actually travelling do you find adventure in your own mind?

The adventure starts with the whole learning process of being in the now or in the present. And then it leads you to a lot of coincidences or synchronicities that just take you from one place to the other. So you become accepting and actually engaging fully in them, that this is your casual day. It's not just something random happening. You start seeing signs, you start seeing people that you know. So, adventurer is giving in. 

Great. Why is having friends important to you?

I love hosting people in general and I love having people around me and have like a nice company or a talk. Having friends around could cause an endless kind of possibilities of having great conversations or great opportunities of meeting someone else or an idea for something, or an inspiration. The friendships that I create around unveil a greater world..

Now, what does passion mean to you? When you're passionate about something?

I cannot be passionate about anything without being in love with what I am. So if, I accept who I am now... I have passion towards everything...towards the painting, that I just go on and paint...towards what I'm wearing.. towards what I am buying... towards my kids, towards my family... towards life...towards job...towards everything.

Is passion the key to something? What is being passionate?

I think the key to passion is purpose....