Our Brand Essence



At the heart of Concrete are four fundamental building blocks of the brand. 


Concrete sources the best materials, ranging from natural fibres to Italian textiles. We deliver excellent value, selling premium quality goods at reasonable prices. We acknowledge the strong family values of our customers and emulate those as a company, never denying our roots or values.

Young At Mind

Concrete has an intrinsically charismatic and joyful style. We provide products best suited to the contemporary man who is after trendy and contemporary style.


Concrete has always promoted masculinity expressed through quiet authority and stature. We talk to men who make inspiring leaders, joyful fathers and generous family men. We are never afraid to bring innovation to our customers - they share our forward thinking outlook.


Concrete looks to Italian inspiration to deliver a refined elegance to its customer. We use an Italian designer to create our collections. We believe Milano always represents an updated, yet understated and refined style.