Concrete the Company

Our History... In 1989 Concrete was created in answer to the founder’s passionate interest in men’s fashion. What began as predominantly casual collection, with a focus on raw denim and cotton, rapidly evolved to an increasingly formal and premium offerings of both Men & Kids, as the aesthetic of the brand began to incorporate a European sensibility drawn from Italy.

Concrete was acquired by Arafa holding in 1996, creating a turning point in the brand’s life under the strategic leadership of CEO, Dr. Alaa Arafa, as it became a part of the most prominent textile and garments manufacturing group of factories in the Middle East and the world.

Throughout the years of its evolution, Concrete has maintained a strong sense of its original roots; the contemporary and masculine style that the brand has become synonymous with, and has appealed to multiple generations of Egyptian men which has remained a constant and valuable cornerstone of our brand.

For years our clothing has been created with the highest quality materials and dedication to craftsmanship, led by our Italian designer, Ettore Veronese.

Our accomplished cuts, textiles, quality and Su Misura services have resulted in Concrete becoming the longstanding market leader in the premium menswear and Kid’s apparel category, providing customers with apparel to suit every stage of their lives. We pledge to carry these standards forward as we enter a new era of the Concrete brand.

Our Brand Future

As we look to the future, our five year ambition is to double the size and turnover of our business without ever compromising on service..

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Our Vision

For Concrete to be the leading premium retailer in Menswear and Children’s wear across Egypt and the Middle East..

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Our Brand Essence

At the heart of Concrete are four fundamental building blocks of the brand. These help inform all of our communication..

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